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October 23, 2013

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Orange Health Solutions chooses MyDirectives®
to support its advance care planning programs for accountable care organizations

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Advance care planning is one of the most controversial yet crucial issues in healthcare today. Orange Health Solutions and MyDirectives® believe that such planning should be as common as writing a will or agreeing to be an organ donor. It is not uncommon to have a document that clearly dictates how one would like his or her material possessions handled, but too often, there are no directives set for important life or death health decisions. Even many pregnant women will write and provide a “birthing plan” to direct caregivers of their wishes even when they are unable to verbalize such instructions themselves.

In today’s healthcare system, when emergency, critical and end-of-life care is needed, it is most often not the patient who chooses how care is delivered. The result is questionable quality of care and large medical costs for family members. Primary care physicians who are charged with advocating for their patients name this as a mounting concern. Orange Health Solutions has developed a comprehensive program to help patients understand and document their advance care planning wishes before any adverse events occur.

In this mission, Orange Health Solutions has partnered with MyDirectives®, a service of ADVault, Inc., to deliver its self-service online capabilities along with Orange Health’s Patient Advocates to, first, help patients understand what their choices are and then, to formally document their decisions as an advance directive within the MyDirectives online portal. MyDirectives keeps consumers in control of their directives at all times – ensuring the content is updated and consistent with their wishes – and “in the cloud” to be shared whenever and wherever necessary. MyDirectives, the leader in consumer-generated, digital advance medical directives, makes consumer voices and preferences clear and accessible in the delivery of care.

“Today’s consumers demand and deserve a high level of involvement in their healthcare,” said Nicole Bradberry, President of Orange Health. “MyDirectives gives us a capability in this space that is second to none. Our team selected MyDirectives based on its front-end/consumer ease of use, creative use of video and document uploading features, social engagement with the family, and the technology to scale as we continue our rapid growth. Our ACO physicians and the patients they serve deserve nothing less.”

Added Scott Brown, President of MyDirectives®, “Consumers from across the United States, and from countries around the world, have written to us about the empowerment they get from creating their directives and being able to update them at any time. We are honored to have been selected by Orange Health, and we look forward to seeing their patients and medical professionals benefit from the connectivity and 24/7 access we provide.”

“Advance care planning is one of the most important issues of the day. We hope to propel this discussion in order to drastically improve the lives of our patients on behalf of the physicians we serve,” said Bradberry.

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MyDirectives is the first completely online advance directive that is secure, legal, easy to understand and free. was recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for becoming one of the first small businesses to reach full Blue Button® compatibility, which allows individuals to easily, quickly and securely download their electronic healthcare records. MyDirectives is also the first advance care platform to receive “meaningful use” certification from HHS so that hospitals may be eligible for incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act when using this technology. MyDirectives’ Universal Advance Digital Directive (uADD)™ is the first all-digital directive accepted worldwide. The easy-to-use uADD simplifies more than 200 legalistic forms used throughout the United States and offers users the chance to include audio and video messages designed to create a superior advance care plan. MyDirectives can also be found on Facebook at and Twitter at

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