November 4, 2015 

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New Medicare Rule an Opportunity for Doctors to Encourage Digitization of Advance Care Planning


DALLAS – Last week the government took a bold and important step by issuing a final rule allowing doctors to be reimbursed by Medicare for discussing advance care planning with their patients. The groundbreaking creators of the award-winning platform applaud this step and encourage the healthcare industry to continue to raise the bar to ensure every American can have confidence they will have a voice in their care, especially during a health emergency. Jeff Zucker, who is CEO of MyDirectives and MyDirectives MOBILE™, released the following statement:

“The new Medicare rule providing compensation for doctors who discuss advance care planning with their patients is an excellent, necessary step, and we encourage healthcare leaders to push for more innovation to help all consumers have confidence their voice can be heard in a health emergency.  Since none of us know when we might have an accident, we should all create emergency, critical and advance care plans.  The time to do so is at the kitchen table, not the operating table. 21st century tools empower people with options, so they are not limited in their choices or feel pressured. Everyone should be able to clearly express their goals, preferences and priorities for their medical treatments and appoint healthcare agents in case there is an accident and they cannot communicate. 

“If people want to discuss advance care planning with their doctors, we are pleased doctors can now get reimbursed for that time.  In order for emergency, critical and advance care plans to be meaningful and effective, they must be documented and accessible during health emergencies. The good news is that consumers are already comfortable using web and mobile services to express themselves, and today’s healthcare industry is rapidly catching up to embrace those services in a safe and secure manner.  Doctors value having insight into the goals of care for their patients, and this acknowledgment by CMS helps focus attention on this critical care issue.”


MyDirectives®, a service of Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc., is the first completely digital emergency, critical and advance care planning platform. MyDirectives MOBILE™ was launched in 2015. Additional information at, and

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