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MyDirectives® and Coordinated Care Oklahoma Announce “Go-Live” of First-in-the-Nation Consumer-Centered Outcome Solution on Cerner HIE Platform Digital Emergency, Critical and Advance Care Planning Platform Serves Almost 5 Million People in 5 States in more than 45 Hospitals 

LAS VEGAS – Digital advance care planning company ADVault, Inc. and health information exchange leader Coordinated Care Oklahoma (CCO) announced today at the annual Health Information and Management Systems Society conference (HIMSS16) that more than 45 hospitals in five states now have real-time access to the emergency, critical and advance care plans of all consumers stored in MyDirectives via the CCO health information exchange built on the award-winning HIE platform from global healthcare technology leader Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN). This is a follow-up to the initial partnership announcement made at HIMSS last April and confirms that MyDirectives is one of the first-ever interoperable transports of consumer-generated data – non-clinical information in the form of emergency, critical and advance care plans – across multiple facilities, state lines and different EHR platforms.  CCO facilitates access to more than 4.9 million people’s health records contributed by seven health systems, over 45 hospitals and more than 3,500 providers in five states.  HIMSS16 is the premier gathering of over 35,000 healthcare professionals with a focus on innovation and technology. 

An emergency, critical and advance care plan is a comprehensive document that can include elements of a living will, healthcare power of attorney and a person’s goals, preferences and priorities related to his or her healthcare and specific medical treatments. A thorough plan, when accessible, can help people and their medical teams share important information about the individual’s healthcare. 

Jeff Zucker, ADVault CEO, said, “The MyDirectives system allows people to create, update, personalize and share their emergency, critical and advance care plan with anyone at any time.  We encourage consumers to go an important step further by adding video and audio messages and by attaching other documents, such as actual orders for life-sustaining treatments, when they’re applicable.  With CCO and the Cerner HIE platform, these plans are now being found automatically, even if the person is in a healthcare emergency and can’t communicate.  We are honored to have CCO and its Cerner platform as collaborators who put a high priority on helping an individual’s voice to be heard during a healthcare crisis.” 

Dr. Brian Yeaman, a practicing physician and CCO’s Chief Administrative Officer said, “Too often, patients present in a critical moment without having made important decisions or without an advance care plan in a format that is recognizable and clinically actionable.  MyDirectives has a user-friendly process to create these plans, as well as great technology to get them into our EMRs securely using either a direct integration or by going through the HIE.  Since going live, we have passed over half a million records through the MyDirectives system, and we are sending thousands of new invites to people every week to create their advance care plan if they don’t already have one.  Initial reaction has been very positive, and most importantly, our provider members now have 24/7 access to emergency, critical and advance care plans stored on MyDirectives, regardless of the EMR platform they’re using.  Interoperability is alive and well!”  Dr. Brian Yeaman is being honored at HIMSS16 with its Physician IT Leadership Award.

When the deal was first announced last year, Cerner Vice President for Interoperability Bob Robke said, “Cerner is committed to interoperability because we believe patients should be able to give their care providers access to their health information.  Adding the ability for our clients, like Coordinated Care Oklahoma, to help prepare for their emergency, critical and end-of-life care plans to be made available to their caregivers, regardless of the information system that provider uses, is another step toward putting the patient at the center of care.”

Robke stated at the time that Cerner had considered building its own repository for such directives, but decided not to “reinvent the wheel” after seeing the MyDirectives interface.  “They’ve got a really good model,” said Robke, “and they have the technical infrastructure to do all the connectivity.”

Members of the CCO HIE now have seamless, real-time connectivity to consumer plans that already exist.  When a person presents that does not already have a plan, he or she is automatically invited to create one.  Scott Brown, ADVault President said, “We are honored to improve both the business process workflow inside our partner facilities, whose medical and admissions personnel save time by not being forced to search for or create documents at the wrong time, as well as improve the clinical outcomes of people who become patients because they can get their voices and choices heard during a health crisis when they might not be able to communicate.”

 Brown continued, “As both payers and providers move towards value-based payment systems and renew their focus on improved clinical outcomes, they are recognizing the increasing need to actually know and consider what consumers – their patients – value most.  We are proud to have created a digital solution that is fully interoperable with all of the major EMR, EHR and HIE platforms.  We look forward to working with our other provider and payer partners to ensure that medical personnel always have access to the goals, preferences and priorities of their patients.”

Terms of the contract were not disclosed.


About ADVault, Inc., & MyDirectives MOBILE™

MyDirectives®, a service of Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc., is the first completely digital emergency, critical and advance care planning platform.  Recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for becoming one of the first small businesses to reach full Blue Button® compatibility, which allows individuals to easily, quickly and securely download their electronic healthcare records, MyDirectives is also the first and only advance care planning platform to receive meaningful use certification from HHS.

With consumer users in all 50 United States and over 25 countries, MyDirectives’ Universal Advance Digital Directive (uADD)™ is the first all-digital emergency, critical and advance care plan used throughout the world.  By allowing people to include audio and video messages and preference statements, and to attach relevant orders for life-sustaining treatments (e.g., POLST, MOLST, MOST forms) the MyDirectives’ uADD serves as a blueprint to be shared by a person’s care team, with the individual at the center, to help guide care if the person ever becomes a patient and cannot effectively communicate with caregivers.  MyDirectives MOBILE™, launched in 2015, is found exclusively in the Apple App Store and lets consumers place critical emergency health information in front of the lock-screen on the iPhone in conjunction with Apple Health and its Medical ID program released with the i0S8 platform. Additional information can be found at,, and, and by watching this TEDx Talk.  MyDirectives was named by PC Magazine as one of the 100 best websites.

About Coordinated Care Oklahoma (CCO)

Coordinated Care Oklahoma was founded by a group of hospitals, health systems, physicians and healthcare professionals in Oklahoma City as a way to securely connect physicians with health information. By improving transitions of care, CCO helps to reduce the undue administrative burdens and costs across the healthcare continuum and helps providers meet requirements for both an interoperability exchange component and Meaningful Use.  CCO provides Participating Members access to the records of more than 4.9 million patients contributed by seven health systems, in excess of 45 hospitals, and greater than 3,500 providers from Oklahoma and four other neighboring states.  Read more here.

 About Cerner

Cerner’s health information technologies connect people, information and systems at more than 18,000 facilities worldwide. Recognized for innovation, Cerner solutions assist clinicians in making care decisions and enable organizations to manage the health of populations. The company also offers an integrated clinical and financial system to help health care organizations manage revenue, as well as a wide range of services to support clients’ clinical, financial and operational needs. Cerner’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.  Nasdaq: CERN. For more information about Cerner, visit, read our blog at, connect with us on Twitter at and on Facebook at  Certain trademarks, service marks and logos set forth herein are property of Cerner Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. All other non-Cerner marks are the property of their respective owners.