About MyDirectives® and MyDirectives MOBILE™

USA-based ADVault, Inc. is the creator of MyDirectives and MyDirectives MOBILE, the world’s leading digital advance care planning platform.  Our mission is simple: to help people live better lives, having confidence they can have a voice in their healthcare 24/7, anywhere in the world. 

With consumer users in over 50 countries, MyDirectives helps people record their medical treatment wishes, palliative and hospice care preferences, organ donation status, and other critical information on the device, and in the format, that is most convenient for them.  MyDirectives is secure, easy to understand, and always FREE to use.

MyDirectives’ easy-to-use platform combines thoughtful questions, helpful tools and options that educate and guide people through the process.  MyDirectives even offers users the ability to include audio and video messages designed to create a superior advance care plan.

For those who prefer to upload, store and share the advance directives they already have, like state forms, the Five Wishes® and Caring Conversations advance directives, portable medical orders like POLST or MOLST forms, or the U.S. Veterans Administration Form 10-0137, MyDirectives makes it easy to do! 

While both Apple® and Android® users anywhere can access and enjoy the full MyDirectives online experience, Apple iPhone users can also download MyDirectives MOBILE for free in the Apple App Store.  

All of the information created or uploaded using MyDirectives is securely stored in the ADVault Exchange™, ADVault’s global registry.  ADVault works with healthcare providers to ensure that the information is securely and seamlessly available on demand, whenever and wherever needed.  ADVault can even send an alert to a MyDirectives user’s insurance provider to let them know that an advance care planning document exists and tell them how it can be located and retrieved in an emergency, but ADVault never shares the contents of MyDirectives users’ documents with healthcare payers without their consent.

ADVault is committed to the belief that you deserve to have a voice in your care.  You own your voice – not a hospital, employer, health plan or any government – and you should be able to update and share your thoughts at any time and at no cost to you!

Visit us at our ADVault, Inc. web site to learn more.

(Version 2020.03.27)