Jan 15 2013

Our Greatest Virtue

What do Americans consider to be our nation’s greatest virtue?

It’s not our government, which in recent years has all too frequently seemed on the verge of grinding to a halt amid the partisan bickering and policy deadlocks. Nor is it the economic system or health care, which have sparked inflammatory debates and polarized the nation.

It’s our individual freedoms, according to a recent survey from Gallup.

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Jan 10 2013

E-mail Alerts Increase Likelihood of Talking About Advanced Medical Directives

You know those mornings when you set your alarm extra early, but then you hit snooze again and again until it finally annoys you enough to you get up?

Apparently, this works on doctors too.

According to a new piece in the Atlantic, the Journal of Clinical Oncology recently published a new study finding that email alerts increased the chances of doctors talking with terminally ill patients about their end-of-life wishes and subsequently, making decisions about the care they desired.

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