Feb 5 2013

Faith in Your Care

On last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a young man in a severe skateboarding accident came in to the ER.

He needed a blood transfusion; however, just before they provided him with one, the doctors discovered his medical alert bracelet. He was a Jehovah’s Witness; a religion that prohibits blood transfusions.

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Jan 30 2013

The Twist in the Plan

Does life imitate art or the other way around?  In this week's Bones episode on Fox TV, Brennan, Booth and the gang are involved in a case with a terminal cancer patient who took charge of her own life. It causes Bones and Booth to talk about their own lives -– before they even become a patient. Watch this video message that Booth decides to make.

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Bones Fox MyDirectives Television Video Message

Jan 23 2013

Be Prepared for the Battle Against Alzheimer’s

Today’s Diane Rehm Show featured a segment on “the Ongoing Battle Against Alzheimer’s,” which explored the common, yet debilitating, brain disease.

Approximately five and a half million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease; and this number is growing rapidly as the baby boomer generation gets older. Suffering from Alzheimer’s is traumatic for both patients and their families, and providing quality care can be both emotionally and financially taxing.

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