Jun 29 2013

Living without Regrets

Ever get to the end of a school year, Labor Day or December 31 and think “if only I’d…?” Avoiding that sense of regret is why my friends – Gina and Blake Remington – started a really great tradition, after realizing that they focused too much on regret and too little on living. 

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Bronnie Ware Dreams Hopes

Jun 7 2013


Recently I’ve started watching CBS’ “The Good Wife.” I’ll admit I’m about 4 years late to the party on this one, but with the shows I usually watch wrapped up for the season, I’ve turned to watching past shows online.

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CBS he Good Wife Television

May 31 2013

The Good [End of] Life

When we were classmates over 25 years ago, neither Judy nor I imagined our lives would converge on this topic…  But then again, that's the magic of life right?  It just happens - mostly when you're not expecting it!  Judy told her story a few weeks ago in a TedTalk and we're so proud of her and how many people are taking notice.  We went live last year with and are equally jazzed to have consumers enrolling in, as of this writing, 47 states and 28 countries. It is just awesome to see people taking charge of their lives!

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Judy MacDonald Johnston Ted Talk