Sep 27 2013

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Planning

You can never be too prepared when it comes to the long-term planning of your health and well-being. Knowledge is power, and it’s critical today to arm yourself with the tools you need to have control of your healthcare wishes. But don’t take our word for it.

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Sep 19 2013

Using Celebrity Status to Help Others Be Prepared

Here in our offices, we say that what we do at MyDirectives makes every day “the chance to change someone’s life.” It keeps us pushing and doing. Valerie Harper’s 2013 is a perfect example, and boy is she doing!

This past spring, the TV icon publicly shared her terminal cancer diagnosis in People magazine. She’s been honest and outspoken. She’s not using her diagnosis to get pity or generate business opportunities. As she says in the new AARP magazine, she’s choosing to “live one day at a time.”

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Sep 4 2013

Healthcare 101: College Students and Advance Medical Directives

A wild party, a winning football game or a new circle of friends can all be wonderful experiences to celebrate, but can also result in new situations and unintended consequences.

As colleges and universities nationwide fill with new students starting their freshman year this week, the members of the class of 2017 have something else they need to be planning for besides their class schedules and extracurricular activities. As students begin to weigh their academic careers and professional futures, they also should be considering the future of their health and well-being.

Step one for being prepared is to draft an advance medical directive.

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Aug 27 2013

Telling Their Stories

David Hilfiker and Kris Bakowski recently joined notables such as Randy Pausch, and Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie” hero Morrie Schwartz who decided to go public and discuss a personal diagnosis.  Whether it is therapy for them or not, these messages really help us – the general public – by demystifying their situations and connecting us to their journeys.

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Alzheimer’s Randy Pausch Tuesdays with Morrie