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May 17 2013

Angelina’s Decision Shows the Power of Taking Charge

This past Tuesday, Angelina Jolie allowed us all in on one of the most difficult conversations you can imagine. Faced with her own mortality, she made a decision to take action to ensure she would be around and a part of her children’s lives for a long time. Her decision to let us all in on this intensely personal conversation should be applauded, but more importantly it should serve as inspiration for the rest of us to engage in similar conversations with our own families.

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Apr 3 2013

Taking care of our pets

I love my dog and there is something special about the bond that we have with our pets.  As much as I love my kids, they’re not always excited to see me when I walk through the door – my dog is. Animals are an endless source of love, loyalty, affection, and energy – which is why it’s so hard to let them go.

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