Jul 10 2020

Three Steps For Staying Protected and Prepared During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As states grapple with how and when to reopen, we should be sure to use available tools and take precautions to prepare and protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. As states reopen, we all need to continue following good hygiene practices, including social distancing and wearing masks when we’re out in public. 

Preventative health measures aren’t the only way we can protect ourselves during the pandemic. Advance care planning is a critical tool you can use to prepare yourself and your family for any health crisis. Such a plan allows you to have a voice in your medical care and lets doctors and nurses know who speaks for their patients if they’re not able to speak for themselves. These plans guide medical care and help ensure patients get the expeditious, quality care they deserve.    

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy during this “new normal,” make sure you’re adhering to the following recommendations: 

  1. Wear a mask and practice proper hygiene. In many areas nationwide, there are already mandatory mask wearing regulations set into place. It is difficult to maintain the recommended 6-foot social distancing in some public places, so wearing a mask and washing your hands is one of the most basic courses of action people should be taking to protect themselves and those around them. 

  2. Practice social distancing measures. Practicing social distancing is another precautionary step to adhere to while our country reopens. In order to safely social distance, stay at least 6 feet away from others and make sure that you are choosing safe social activities.

    There are some activities that are more high risk than others, like going shopping for non-essentials, eating inside crowded restaurants, and socializing with large groups. These activities should be avoided.  

  3. Create or update an advance care plan with MyDirectives. Take control of your medical wishes by creating, updating or uploading your advance care plan to Advance care plans ensure you have a voice in your care during a medical emergency, give doctors critical information if you are unresponsive, and allow you to designate a health proxy to speak for you if you cannot speak for yourselves. Don’t wait for a health crisis to occur to make sure your wishes are known and respected.

To learn more about creating an advance care plan, download our iPhone app and check out our video explaining the process, visit our FAQ section, watch our TEDx Talk and make sure you’re prepared for anything that life throws your way

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