Nov 25 2020

This Year, Be Thankful and Prepared

No matter where in the world you are, you’ve been told many times this year to wash your hands, socially distance and wear a mask.  If you’re in the United States, you might be celebrating a different type of Thanksgiving this year that feels unnervingly unpredictable and chaotic.

Our wish for you all is that you take deep breaths, keep your sense of humor and be proactive about making good choices. For example, use a few minutes of your holiday “down time” to update your advance care plan and make sure it’s accessible in a crisis.  Don’t have one?  Use to name who speaks for you in a crisis if you can’t and list out your goals of care.  Have one on paper from a lawyer or prior doctor visit?  Great!  Upload it at, print a wallet card and have more confidence you can have a voice in your care if necessary. 

Need another good reason to have an advance care plan?  Check out this new TEDx Talk from emergency room physician Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne.  From the COVID front lines, Dr. Clayborne says “please update or create an advance care plan, such as MyDirectives, to help me do my job better!”

Using won’t change the fact that you’re only seeing grandma via Zoom this year, but by creating, uploading or updating your plan today, you can take the guesswork out of any health emergency. You can ensure that your medical wishes, and those of your loved ones, are heard. You can hand doctors – like Dr. Clayborne -- the tools necessary to provide the type of care that you desire when it matters most. You can restore some certainty to your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

To learn more about creating an advance care plan, download our iPhone app and check out our video explaining the process, visit our FAQ section, watch our TEDx Talk and make sure you’re prepared for anything that life throws your way.


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