Sep 5 2019

It's Time for School - Are You Prepared?

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer passes by. One second, you’re at the beach with family and friends and the next you are getting ready to send the kids back to school. Say goodbye to slow work days and summer Fridays, the reality of fall is upon us!

As the schoolyear rears its head again, it’s time to start thinking about preparation. Beyond stocking up on the kids’ school supplies, lunches and homework assignments, it’s important to keep your preparation checklist in mind.

It’s never a bad time to prepare for the future, which is why now is the perfect time to start thinking about your advance care plan. As we slip back into our everyday schedules, it’s important make sure we plan for the unexpected.

With an advance care plan from MyDirectives, you can capture the power of your voice in a health crisis. Completing a plan gives you the power to control your medical wishes if you’re left unable to communicate during a medical emergency. It also allows you to make critical information available to doctors and nurses that could potentially help you heal faster and get discharged sooner.

MyDirectives makes creating and updating an advance care plan easy, fast and free! Our tool allows you to sign in from anywhere at any time to easily update your answers and thoughts as your life and your health wishes change. Our iPhone app  allows you to make necessary updates and share your plan on the go. You can also use our conversation starters to help you get going in the right direction.

Worried about losing an important paper document of your medical wishes in the shuffle of your busy day-to-day schedule? MyDirectives has you covered. We allow you to store in them in the cloud for free where you can easily upload, update and share.

To create your advance care plan today, check out our video explaining the process, visit our FAQ section, watch our TEDx Talk and make you you’re prepared for anything that life throws your way!


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