Jun 21 2019

Summer Health – Beyond Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Summer is underway! We’re visiting with friends, hanging out at pools and BBQs and – we hope - enjoying a little bit less stress. Lots of change is in the air too: kids moving to new grades, some moving off to, or back to, college, while others are moving away for their first career jobs.

No matter which best identifies you and your situation, getting into an industrious and organized mindset sets a productive tone for the rest of the year. Check your “to do” list and get done what you can.

One item to check off, is to update your advance care plan. Who speaks for you if you have a health crisis and can’t speak? How should a future nurse or doctor find that person? Does your surrogate know (and is willing to honor) your wishes?  What should doctors and nurses know about you that could help you heal faster and get discharged sooner?

It’s never been easier to make sure the paper documents you’ve already created to answer these questions can be found in a crisis. MyDirectives allows you to store in them in the cloud for free!  Upload them, update them, share them!

Don’t have one? No worries! MyDirectives helps you create one for free too! Our tool allows you to sign in from anywhere at any time to easily update your answers and thoughts as your life and your health wishes change. Our iTunes app also allows you to make necessary updates and share your plan easily from your iPhone. We offer conversation starters to help you get going in the right direction.

Want to learn more? Check out our video explaining the process, visit our FAQ section, watch our TEDx Talk and check one more item off your “to do” list today!


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