Apr 15 2019

Do Your Healthcare Decisions Reflect Who You Are?

Our healthcare decisions reflect who we are – our values, our faith, and our community. National Healthcare Decisions Day seeks to educate all of us about the importance of having a voice in our healthcare especially if we’re in a crisis and can’t communicate. On April 9th, we were thrilled to see New Jersey’s Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal lead by example to do just that!

In a Facebook livestream, Dr. Elnahal expressed how important it is that we all – age 18+ – take charge of our voice in our care.  We are honored he used our free MyDirectives platform to outline his healthcare wishes.  Dr. Elnahal gives viewers a glimpse into what types of questions the platform asks. What are your hopes and fears – what should a doctor know about you if you can’t communicate? Would you want to consult a palliative care team? Who should be making the decisions for you if you can’t?

Planning for the future and developing an advance care plan requires inward thinking about your values, as well as forward thinking about how those values can be best applied in a variety of situations. MyDirectives and public health officials like Dr. Elnahal are here to make sure that the pathway to drafting your own plan is clear.

 We hope that those who caught the livestream – as well as those watching after the fact – are inspired to sit down and create an emergency care plan with MyDirectives. The process is simple and can take the burden off of your loved ones if you ever have a health crisis. We know for a fact that people with a plan are three times more likely to have their wishes followed. You can sign in at any time and update your personal plan – it’s designed to be flexible so that you can adapt as your life evolves. 

Oh yes, it is free to you at all times so no excuse not to get started right now!

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