Jan 1 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As you start on your 2019 resolutions, make sure your health and healthcare needs are at the top of your priority list.  Speaking of lists, our MyDirectives team would like to share a few of our favorite phone apps to help you make the most of the new year!

From guides to meditation to healthy eating monitors, these apps can keep you on track and, of course, our MyDirectives app provides easy access to your advance care plan (ACP).  Our website makes it easy to (1) either create/update/share a digital ACP, or (2) upload any existing paper advance directive, care plan or POLST forms into our cloud for important 24/7 access – all for free!

Here are a few of our favorite health apps to help you get ready for the new year:

  • Headspace
    • The Headspace app allows users to participate in relaxation and meditative exercises – without needing to leave their bed! The Headspace app connects science and the philosophies of mental health to engage users. This is the perfect app to wind down and relax in the middle of holiday chaos.
  • HealthTap
    • HealthTap offers users free access to accurate health information sourced directly from medical professionals. Additionally, the HealthTap app provides users with the ability to consult with a doctor immediately or by appointment through a phone call, text messaging or a video conference. HealthTap is transforming future generations of online health care services. As we move into a new year with more innovative medical technologies, this app sets the stage for the future of online healthcare.
  • Fooducate
    • Fooducate educates its users on the importance or health, fitness and a well-balanced diet. Fooducate also allows users to scan food items to calculate the nutrition facts and information about the ingredients in their food choices.
  • Sleep Cycle
    • The Sleep Cycle app examines healthy sleeping patterns by providing an alarm clock, which also wakes users up during light sleep. Therefore, users can wake up from their light sleep feeling naturally rested. The app also provides users with helpful statistics and feedback based on the quality of their sleeping patterns.
  • MyDirectives App
    • The world’s leading digital advance care planning (ACP) platform with users in over 40 countries, the MyDirectives app makes it easy for users to record and share their care plan, access to healthcare agents and organ donation thoughts, helping doctors in case of a medical emergency. In addition, the app makes it easier for users to share their ACPs with loved ones and healthcare providers! Our unique “Most Unselfish SelfieTM is a powerful way for you to make sure you have a clear voice in your care.

 We hope the holiday season gives all of you time to rest and recharge and get ready for the new year! Happy Holidays! 

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