Apr 20 2018

National Healthcare Decision Week & The Power of Digital Health Tools

As National Healthcare Decisions Week comes to a close, our friend and colleague Dr. Brian Yeaman M.D. shared his sentiments on this recent New York Times article  “You’ve Detailed Your Last Wishes, but Doctors May Not See Them” by Daniela Lama, Md. Dr. Yeaman kindly highlighted our work here at MyDirectives in his response.

“As a physician, I agree with Dr. Lamas. For years I wondered why society hadn’t solved this problem better. We can access our bank accounts from around the world, yet we can’t convey a person’s emergency healthcare wishes meaningfully and consistently across care venues. Even within one hospital, I’ve seen medical records systems fail to help get a person’s voice heard from one department to the next.

Then I found the free MyDirectives platform and saw progress. It offers easily accessible digital emergency care plans through its website and iPhone app. I’m seeing hospitals and health insurance plans working together, for a change, to help get people their voice heard. State and federal governments can and should push to raise the bar for all citizens.

Since our voices can’t always be heard when we’re in a health crisis, we need easy-to-use and easy-to-find platforms like MyDirectives to let people live with confidence they can!”

We hope some of our readers are inspired to sit down and create an emergency care plan with MyDirectives and share it with their loved ones and consider adding one or more video messages to communicate your thoughts even more clearly. We call it the ‘Most Unselfish Selfie' (TM) and have seen case after case where they can help doctors, nurses, family, friends, caregivers and clergy, know what matters most to you in your own words.

The MyDirectives process is simple and can take a burden off of your loved ones if you ever have a health crisis because people with a plan are three times more likely to have their wishes followed. Of course you can sign in at any time and update your thoughts – it’s designed to be flexible so you can adapt as your life evolves. 




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