Apr 14 2017

Digital Advance Care Plans – The Only Way to Go

Paula Span paints a realistic and sad picture in her recent piece, “The Patients Were Saved. That’s Why the Families Are Suing.” Time and time again, people make decisions about their health, but healthcare providers – especially emergency physicians – cannot access those wishes until it’s too late. Ms. Span’s piece points out the trauma caused by medical interventions done against a person’s wishes.

The issue with advance care plans is, as Span points out, they are often vaguely written or difficult to locate. Paper copies of an advance care plan are often outdated and may not align with loved ones’ current wishes. Written paper plans can also be difficult to locate, as they are often kept at home or in a lawyer’s office, making them inaccessible to healthcare providers.

In her article, Span touches on the importance of having a plan written out, but she makes these difficult to use paper copy plans seem like the only option.

Digital advance care plans, especially those with video messages, solve many of the problems associated with antiquated paper plans. Advance care plans should be easily accessible from anywhere in the world. And when you can record your voice on your digital plan, it makes your wishes crystal clear. MyDirectives®platform, in conjunction with MyDirectives MOBILE™ available on iPhone, provides these services to consumers at no cost. And your plan is accessible from your iPhone and connected to the phone’s Health app, so in the event of an emergency, your plan is right there for a doctor to access, even via the locked screen.

If you’re new to digital advance care planning, we invite you to watch our short video that explains it in simple terms and get started on creating a plan today!



  1. Patti Urban posted at Jun 1 2017 05:12 PM
    I agree wholeheartedly. Advance care plans should be easily accessible from anywhere.

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