Dec 11 2017

Happy Holidays From MyDirectives!

We’re excited about the holidays here at MyDirectives, and hope you are too!

It’s the season of New Year’s resolutions, visiting with family and friends, donating to local charities and unplugging from work and getting ready for the new year. This holiday season, we encourage you to be sure your health, and healthcare wishes are a part of your conversations.

Creating your free MyDirectives digital emergency, critical and advance care plan allows you to outline your healthcare thoughts, store it in the cloud and live with confidence you can get your voice heard in your care if you ever have a health crisis and can’t communicate. Attach one or more video messages – what we call the Most Unselfish SelfieTM – to make sure your thoughts are just that: yours! MyDirectives offers conversation starters to help you get started.

The MyDirectives process is simple to do and can take a burden off of your loved ones if you ever have a health crisis because people with a plan are three times more likely to have their wishes followed. Of course you can sign in at any time and update your thoughts – it’s designed to be flexible so you can adapt as your life evolves. Maybe even take a few minutes to help a loved one get started on their own MyDirectives plan – that’s a real holiday gift! Just click here to get started or learn more!

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