Aug 25 2015

Remember, it’s about his goals, not yours!

We at MyDirectives applaud the folks at Ask Amy for the response to Angry in Anaheim last week.

We see this situation all too often -- loving relatives in a state of stress and shock convincing themselves they know better than the person who has become the patient. In this case, the patient created his directives and named a different relative as a healthcare agent. Maybe the patient anticipated the argument and emotional stress that later unfolded, maybe he didn’t.

The best way to make sure your wishes are clear is to create them digitally and use video messages to ensure people can see and hear your thoughts, in the event of a health emergency when your emergency, critical and advance care plan is needed. A good digital system can make your directive available to you and the emergency medical community 24/7, anywhere in the world. Don’t worry another moment about losing control during a health crisis or that someone you don’t want to interfere might make decisions on your behalf.

Stop “Angry in Anaheim” from being Angry anywhere by making sure your voice is clearly heard.

It’s as easy as a click.


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