Aug 19 2015

Heading to College? Take These Five Pieces of Advice

We often tell students heading off to college to be sure they get enough rest, avoid drinking too much coffee during exams, exercise, and be careful with the alcohol, but do we teach them how to prepare for the unexpected?

When you send your child off to school this fall, share these 5 back-to-school tips because they already know to go to class and to do their reading.

  1. Make friends, but be careful with your valuables: laptops, jewelry, books, car keys, cash. You might decorate your dorm room to feel like home, but almost everyone around you is a stranger before you get to know them.
  1. College can get busy and sometimes stressful. Don’t be afraid of visiting the counseling center. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak; it means you respect yourself and your family’s investment enough to deal with issues quickly. 
  1. Become well acquainted with your professors and career center staff – doing so can make a big university seem more personal and a small college be even more intimate.
  1. Nobody is really impressed by the amount of all-nighters you can pull. Seriously – this is NOT a badge of honor! Start homework assignments early and get enough sleep. You’ll learn faster, retain more, and have more confidence and much more time for fun!
  1. Create an emergency medical plan. Watch this short clip to learn why and how. Who would you want to speak for you if you had an accident? How would a doctor know what you wanted? Accidents can happen to all of us.  Especially when you’re away from home, chances are your doctor will be a stranger, and someone you don’t know well might be forced to make decisions for you. is free and makes it easy for you to have a voice in your own care! Don’t wait to create a plan until you need it – because then it could be too late.


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