Jun 5 2015

Family Values: Thanks Paula!

We applaud Paula Span for her recent New York Times piece as she highlights the difference it made to have her sister’s advance medical directive during her health crisis.

“To have her own wishes so clearly specified lifted a great weight off our collective shoulders,” Span writes. “We knew what to do, because she had told us.”

Unfortunately, she tells us, copies of her sister’s directive were locked away in her lawyer’s office and in a safe deposit box, making them hard to access quickly. Span is exactly right when she says, “Neither is the best place to store such documents, which should be readily accessible, with copies distributed to family members.”

We believe the 21st century gives us a great way to solve these problems. In fact, the best directives are those at the tip of your own and healthcare providers’ fingers – on your iPhone and available in the cloud 24/7, complete with video messages, clearer answers and personalized comments.

Take Span’s experience to heart -- challenging times will become less so with advance care planning and knowing your loved ones’ wishes. An advance directive can increase comfort and calm by ensuring the voices of those we love so much can be heard.


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