Apr 13 2015

Celebrating National Healthcare Decisions Day in the Digital Age

National Healthcare Decisions Day is coming up!

The team at MyDirectives has been busy since last year’s National Healthcare Decisions Day. One year ago, we partnered with 1,500 fellow health and advocacy organizations on April 16 to educate people around the globe about the importance of advance care planning. We believe each day should be treated like National Healthcare Decisions Day, so every day we work toward our belief that every person should be the spokesperson for his/her own future.

As testament to our deep commitment to our mission, earlier this year, we launched the innovative, user-friendly MyDirectives MOBILE™, an app that allows consumers to digitize their voices and treatment priorities in a legal advance care plan, accessible anywhere, anytime – even when their iPhone is locked.

Below are a few reasons you should digitize your advance care plan and help us celebrate the 8th Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day.  

1. It’s free!

We are firm believers in access to easy-to-use, accessible, and no-cost resources to aid people in creating your advance care plan. Our app does not allow advertisements, and we won’t sell or rent our mailing lists to third parties.

2. MyDirectives is accessible even when your phone is locked

Working in conjunction with Apple’s newly developed Medical ID and Health app, the MyDirectives app is accessible to emergency and medical professionals even when a user’s iPhone is locked. Doctors and first responders can quickly get to an emergency, critical advance care plan even if the person who created it can’t communicate.

3. Easy to update if medical wishes change

If a consumer’s medical wishes change, updating your advance care plan is as easy as logging in and updating your treatment goals, healthcare agents who represent you during a health crisis, or even the playlist you would like to listen to while being treated.

4. Record a video of your wishes

MyDirectives gives users the unique ability to upload videos to document your wishes – allowing you to literally vocalize your values for your loved ones.

There is no need to wait until April 16 rolls around each year to ensure your care plans are well documented or to start this critical conversation with family. Go to and create your plan today!


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