Dec 23 2015

A New Year – New Hope For Your Voice in Your Care

Starting in 2016, doctors of those with Medicare can get reimbursed for routine advance care planning conversations. These conversations can be tremendously powerful for people as they examine and think through their wishes and priorities. 

In a recent Forbes column, however, writer Richard Harris questions if the mainstream medical community is truly prepared to have these meaningful conversations. Harris references Dr. Atul Gawande and Dr. Susan Block of the Harvard School of Public Health to make his case.

We agrees that while the new reimbursement codes can help, there’s clearly more work to be done. In fact, a new TEDx talk by MyDirectives CEO Jeff Zucker addresses the issue from the consumer point-of-view. What can YOU do to make sure your voice can be heard if you have a health emergency? 

Prior to launching online digital advance care planning platform three years ago, we watched, listened and worked with every stakeholder possible to understand what was missing from the past 40 years of work to expand the use of advance medical directives. MyDirectives heard from many doctors, nurses, emergency room specialists and, most importantly, from the people and families facing these issues. Consumers from across the globe shared a common desire to simplify the process of documenting one’s voice and making it available when it needs to be heard most. That desire is shared across communities, generations and countries to make it a global issue.

MyDirectives is designed to capture your voice – the most personal, customizable part of your plan. Knowing that the new Medicare fee schedule will open the door to millions of conversations about advance care planning, it’s more urgent than ever that consumers have the tools to capture their voice.

Time is precious during a doctor’s appointment. If consumers were inspired to begin creating their own digital advance care plan in advance of seeing their doctor, then they could maximize their limited time with their physician by focusing on improving an existing plan and building consensus and clarity. Kitchen table conversations are almost always preferable to those on an operating table or in an exam room.

Do something smart this holiday season. Give yourself, your family and your future doctors and nurses a great gift: your voice!


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  1. Dollie Glover posted at Nov 14 2018 07:30 AM
    I would never start filling that form out again you can't change it, the old information keeps coming back. Maybe it a scam?????? I thought it was sent from my Doctor or integrist hospital.

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