Jan 13 2015

MyDirectives Launches Advance Care Planning App for iPhone

This week, it seems the whole healthcare world is in San Francisco for several days of powerful events. Proud to be a part of Apple’s new Health app, we took this great opportunity to launch the MyDirectives MOBILE App.

The MyDirectives MOBILE™ App allows consumers to digitize their voice and treatment priorities in a legal advance care plan that is secure in the cloud and available 24/7 anywhere in the world. In addition, and exclusively for iOS 8 users, the app makes it easy for consumers to use their phones’ cameras to make and post video messages, create a “handwritten” and video signature, and  populate their Medical ID, part of Apple’s new Health app, with their MyDirectives advance care plan information.

Because the new Medical ID is accessible even when a user’s iPhone is locked, doctors can quickly get to your emergency advance care plan in the event of a crisis, even if you can’t communicate.

As Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, a board-certified emergency physician at the University of Alabama Huntsville Hospital, where she also serves as the medical director for advance care planning, says, “For a patient’s loved ones, there is nothing like hearing their wishes in their own words – which MyDirectives allows via the ability to upload videos – to know that you are making the right decisions at a time of crisis.”

Learn all about the new app here.

To commemorate the occasion, we are asking the public, #WhosYourAgent? If you’re in San Francisco this week, don’t miss our mobile billboard driving around Union Square.

Do you “want to live like a movie star?” What about like a pro athlete? First you need an agent – a healthcare agent! Having a healthcare agent gives you confidence someone you trust will advocate for you.

Keep an eye out for the mobile billboard and snap a photo -- share on social media your thoughts on having an agent – healthcare, Hollywood, sports, or otherwise!


Our phones and tablets are already a big part of our healthcare lives – scheduling and managing doctors appointments, and logging our sleep patterns and blood pressure as well as  how far we’ve jogged and the calories we’ve burned. And now, thanks to Apple and MyDirectives, you can live confidently knowing your voice can be heard in a health emergency if you can’t communicate. 

Take a moment to download the new app, test out the features and let us know what you think!


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