Sep 16 2014

A Place to Store Your Wishes

MyDirectives was proud to be featured today in a Marketplace story on the critical nature of advance care planning.

We’re glad that reporter Lauren Silverman emphasized one of the guiding principles of our free-to-consumer online service -- that digital advance directives are more effective than paper directives because they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. MyDirectives founder Scott Brown explained how paper directives are inferior to digital directives, “That document, once it’s created, it’s placed in a shoe box or file cabinet or safety deposit box, and it’s not available when it’s needed. People can’t plan their emergencies Monday through Friday 9-to-5.”

And we couldn’t have said it better than Lauren did, “As for patients, moving the advance directive from the shoebox to a smartphone means making updates is less dusty, and a lot faster.”

We’ll use the moment to repeat our mantra -- advance directives are for everyone 18 and older – sick or healthy, young or old, patient or someone who has never stepped foot in a hospital. The priority is being prepared so that if a medical crisis hits, your wishes will be known, and your family won’t have to wonder what you would have wanted.

[Photo credit: Lauren Silverman]


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