Aug 7 2014

MyDirectives Included in Prestigious Publication

We are excited to announce that the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine references MyDirectives as a tool to create advance medical directives. While we are proud of the mention, we are more pleased that academia is conducting quality research on something that should be obvious: the voice of the consumer is critical to getting the kind of care he or she desires.

The findings of the study support the increasing need to create directives. The study found that “doctors are accurate only about 65% of the time when predicting patient preferences for intensive care.” Many people might be surprised to learn that despite doctors’ medical experience, they are not capable of providing the desired range of care for their patients without medical directives because without them, they can’t heed the patient’s voice – because they don’t know it.

The study also found that, “A healthy person may benefit most from general decision aids focused on choice of health care proxies and goals of care for hypothetical catastrophic situations, such as after loss of function or cognition or terminal illness.” This finding reveals that people most likely to benefit from tools such as MyDirectives are healthy individuals who are considering their priorities and preparing in case of any health emergency in which they can’t communicate. 

Through MyDirectives, all consumers – young or old, healthy or frail – can be prepared for any medical situation.

We applaud the authors for their work and encourage others to study the power the consumer’s voice can have on the quality of care, and we hope these research efforts will encourage even more people to visit MyDirectives and start the planning process.


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