Jun 23 2014

With Both Feet Forward

Information technology (IT) progress in healthcare, while rapidly advancing, is often stifled by healthcare providers still holding on to the remnants of old business plans. With only one foot tentatively standing on the side of new healthcare technology, healthcare providers are missing valuable opportunities to provide better care to their patients.

A start-up called Aledade, launched this week by former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Dr. Farzad Mostashari, intends to give healthcare professionals the opportunity to put both feet forward to provide better healthcare for their clients through modern technology. According to Mostashari’s introductory blog post, Aledade will partner with independent primary healthcare professionals to help them form accountable care organizations, or ACOs. The company is designed to provide a platform that facilitates doctors in joining established ACOs or creating their own ACOs. Aledade provides tools for doctors to stay in the know and up-to-date.

Mostashari writes about his new company, “For me, Health IT was never the ‘ends,’ but a ‘means’ to better health and better care, and I continue to believe that better data and technology is the key to a successful transformation of health care. And it is why the attempts to do so now can succeed, where they have failed before.”

Aledade represents an important, bold step in advancing the quality of healthcare in America. By providing doctors with a new online platform designed to keep them informed, Aledade is on the road to ensuring that the regular use of the newest technology in healthcare is a realistic possibility.

“Empowering doctors on the front lines of medicine with cutting edge technology that helps them understand and improve the health of all their patients -- that is the mission of our new company, and one that has animated my entire career, says Mostashari.”

Like MyDirectives, Aledade encourages medical professionals to use technology and data to put people first. Having medical know-how and consumer preferences a click away means better healthcare today and down the road, no matter what an individual’s future holds. Aledade’s presence and mission is not only good news for doctors and patients, but for all medical consumers – that’s all of us – and the future of the Health IT sector of which we’re so proud to be a part.


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