May 9 2014

A Chat with a MyDirectives User

Dave Shipley and his family used MyDirectives to help his father understand and document his medical care options. Dave lost his father only a few months ago, but the process was made somewhat easier thanks to the time spent together discussing medical wishes and storing them online, where they could be accessed and updated at any time. Dave shares his story with us.

MyDirectives: How did you first learn about MyDirectives?

Dave: The business that I am in deals with health-related products and services.  One of the services we have been introduced to has been advance directives – MyDirectives, in particular.  I met with the developers of MyDirectives and learned why there was a need for electronic directives and the stories of how the wishes of a loved one can get lost if the directive is not properly stored and available.

MyDirectives: Tell us how you and your father used MyDirectives – together. We understand it was a difficult, yet very fruitful experience.

Dave: My Dad had an outdated paper copy of an advance directive -- it clearly needed to be updated and made accessible anywhere. We talked about his wishes, and I made sure I understood them and how to capture his wishes utilizing MyDirectives. Using the service’s healthcare agent allowed me to bring other family members into the process as well.

MyDirectives: What advice would you give others struggling to grapple with similar experiences to yours?

Dave: This is a very emotional time, but it needs to be controlled emotion. That’s the gift of MyDirectives. The focus needs to be on the wishes of your loved one, not your wishes for your loved one.

MyDirectives: And what about people who are fortunate to not have any sick family members? What makes MyDirectives a good option for them?

Dave: MyDirectives is a wonderful, effective service for all adults, and in fact I found its design conducive to encouraging conversation among family members about what can be a difficult, but important subject.You can get ahead of the curve before the situation of a health issue or an accident is in front of you. In addition, as strange as it may sound, having the discussion early enhances your relationship with your loved one and your family.

MyDirectives even offers a video component, through which you can upload a video your loved ones can watch, to share a personal message – about something medical-related or about something else, like how to take care of a beloved pet in the event you end up in the hospital. I can see where this would be beneficial in remembering the wishes of a family member or close friend.

MyDirectives: Thanks, Dave, for sharing your story and for encouraging others to benefit from creating and updating an advance medical directive in the ways you and your family have.


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