Feb 25 2014

Meet Nancy

Nancy is a mom, water aerobics enthusiast, world traveler, and a new member of the MyDirectives community.  We sat down with her to hear a bit more about her experience creating her own advance medical directive using our service….

MyDirectives: Why did you decide to create an advance medical directive through MyDirectives?  

Nancy: I had planned to create an advance directive a year ago, prior to my own major surgery, and basically "wimped" out. It was, I think, just too "close for comfort" to needing it "for real." Then I became the health care agent for a cousin who was facing a very dangerous surgery. All of a sudden, I saw the advantages of having an advance medical directive from a different perspective; I realized that NOT creating an advance medical directive would create additional pain, suffering and conflict for my loved ones. Motivation in place, I needed a user-friendly format. MyDirectives gave me that--in spades!

MyDirectives: Are there specific aspects of your directive that you were sure to articulate?

Nancy: MyDirectives expanded my thinking about the kinds of issues that I, and my family, might face in the case of a medical emergency. Having the opportunity to consider those issues -- and discuss them with my family -- well in advance of the stressful time that we might need to act on them, was a real gift.

MyDirectives: Did completion of your directive spur a conversation with your family about your medical wishes?

Nancy: Definitely! But I predict that there will be plenty more to come.

MyDirectives: Is there anything else we should know about your experience?  
Nancy: Having now worked with a different format for an advance medical directive (for my cousin), I can tell you that I found MyDirectives not only more intuitive and informative, but most importantly, oh-so-much easier to make easily available to all who will need to see it -- caregivers and family alike. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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