Dec 25 2014

Start the Conversation Today!

The team at MyDirectives is wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.

We’ll leave it to Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, an emergency physician at Huntsville Hospital in Alabama, where she also serves as the medical director for advance care planning, to share why it’s so important we take advantage of the warmth of the holiday season to discuss our medical priorities.

As she writes in a guest column in today’s Huntsville Times:

When we prioritize making our medical wishes known before a crisis arises -- because a health-related crisis can befall any of us, no matter how healthy or how young we are - we do a service to both ourselves and our families. Enter, a pioneer in enabling individuals to articulate our own medical choices. It’s the first time ever that people can create free online advance medical directives. Users can prioritize wishes in your own words, easily share your decisions with family, friends and healthcare providers, and seamlessly update your priorities as circumstances change. 

So, while spending time with family and loved ones this holiday season, give them the gift of clarity. Alleviate the profoundly heavy burden of forcing them into the impossible decision of making your healthcare choices for you – where every decision is marked with doubt and every emotion pressured by a relentless urgency. …                   

Take advantage of the holidays. Utilize the togetherness for what might initially seem a challenge, but is truly an opportunity. Communicate your thoughts and wishes with loved ones.

 Take heart. Start the conversation.


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