Nov 26 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Planning!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, the team at MyDirectives wishes you the very best. As you enjoy family and friends, and savor the joy of being together around the table at such a special time of year, take time to give each other the gift of peace and planning.

There is no better time to start the conversation about your advance medical care wishes and priorities than in the comfort of home, surrounded by those you love most. It may seem a hard topic to broach, but it’s a lot less hard to broach it now than when and if you or a loved one experiences an emergency.

As Dr. Michael Wasserman, a geriatrician in Woodland Hills, Calif., writes today in the Los Angeles Daily News, don’t just talk, but take it to the next level, create an advance medical directive so your wishes are preserved – and can be updated whenever necessary:

It is difficult to cover every circumstance that might occur. Furthermore, if your discussion is left as just a discussion, what will happen if something happens to you? Encourage your parents to document their wishes. Offer to help them do it. Make sure that they focus on their wishes, dreams and fears. Help them describe what’s important to them. But don’t lock a directive away in a drawer, where it might never be found in a crisis. gives you the unique ability to, for free, create a directive online, where it’s always accessible and always updatable as circumstances change.

No child should ever end up in a position where a doctor is asking what to do with an incapacitated parent. It is an awkward and emotionally charged situation. Do yourself and your parents a favor. Take time at your Thanksgiving table to plan for the future.

 We toast you as you join a movement in being responsible for our own healthcare. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy advance care planning!


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