Sep 19 2013

Using Celebrity Status to Help Others Be Prepared

Here in our offices, we say that what we do at MyDirectives makes every day “the chance to change someone’s life.” It keeps us pushing and doing. Valerie Harper’s 2013 is a perfect example, and boy is she doing!

This past spring, the TV icon publicly shared her terminal cancer diagnosis in People magazine. She’s been honest and outspoken. She’s not using her diagnosis to get pity or generate business opportunities. As she says in the new AARP magazine, she’s choosing to “live one day at a time.”

But, to us, she’s doing more than that. She’s using her profile to help all of us see the need to “be prepared” – just in case. The Boy Scouts say it, and Valerie is saying so too. Her supportive husband Tony says “she worries more about others than herself. She worries about what's going to happen to us when she's gone.”

That sounds just like the mothers and grandmothers whose husbands and children write to us at MyDirectives. It’s important to think about your goals, hopes and fears, communicate them with your family and, by setting up a digital advance medical directive, you can be sure it will be available 24x7 anywhere in the world. As we say, “Then, you can go on living!”

In just the months since her diagnosis, Valerie has been working hard. Tonight, NBC airs a special hosted by Meredith Vieira, and we encourage you all to watch. You’ll see a wonderful woman who’s doing her best to take charge of her life. Even when some medical experts are telling her to count her days, we see a woman who is counting her blessings and seeing opportunities to help more people. With the love and support of her husband, family and friends, she’s returned to her first career love – Val was a dancer on Broadway – and is a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars. So, as we find Valerie Harper back on TV dancing away and sharing her story, let’s follow her model and be prepared ourselves. As she shows us, not even a single day should be wasted.

Val, we have enjoyed our time with you these past months and are in awe of what you are doing and how you’re doing it.  Tony is your rock and, frankly, hearing about the millions of people you are inspiring, you are ours!


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