Jul 5 2013

Planning Ahead for Summer Travel

When I got back to my email after celebrating the 4th of July with my family, I had a note from a colleague who is traveling for the holiday. Out of state and visiting friends, she found herself in need of medical care. She had pink eye.

She wrote:

“Many people travel and go on vacation this time of year and it’s best to be prepared no matter where you are. When we get conjunctivitis on vacation we know that with our health insurance we can get us an exam and prescription eye drops. Ensuring that we’re fully prepared with advance directives in case something worse than pink eye happens when we’re on vacation can help us relax and enjoy our time away. Not only that, knowing that those directives are secure, online and accessible wherever we in the world we may be, provides the peace of mind we seek while on vacation.”

My colleague is exactly right. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Making sure we’re medically secure while traveling, with complete and accessible advance care plans is important.

Before you go on vacation this summer, take a few minutes to complete your directive and then rest easy and just be able to enjoy your vacation once you get to your destination.


Advance Care Planning Travel Vacation

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