Jun 7 2013


Recently I’ve started watching CBS’ “The Good Wife.” I’ll admit I’m about 4 years late to the party on this one, but with the shows I usually watch wrapped up for the season, I’ve turned to watching past shows online.

There’s an episode ("Unplugged") in the first season, in which a woman – Caroline – is in the process of divorcing her husband, Max, who happens to be engaged to another woman, Shaina.

One day on the way to court, Max gets into a mot

orcycle accident, leaving him in a coma and complicating everything.

Max had left no clear instructions about what he’d want if he were in a coma, or who he’d want making the decisions. And both women had very different opinions on what should happen.

This left Max’s fate in a judge’s hands.You see, as long as he remained alive, Caroline retained access to Max’s estate because they weren’t yet divorced, but if he died everything was left to Shaina in his will.

Whether they occur in the midst of family strife or not, sudden accidents and emergency situations are incredibly difficult for families – both emotionally and mentally. Nobody needs to add a judge to the mix.

We choose to be organ donors when we get our driver’s license and we buy life insurance when we start families. Planning ahead and creating an advance care plan just makes sense. It’s a gift of love for our families and ensures that they have one less thing to worry about in a medical emergency.


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