Apr 11 2013

We Have a New Partner to Help Families Prepare for Parenthood

We are starting an exciting new partnership with Lotus Blossom Consulting founder Mindy Berkson, one of the world’s foremost infertility consultants. Starting this week, Mindy will be recommending MyDirectives to all of her clients.

When we talked about the partnership, Mindy told me that “most intended parents are only thinking of the end goal – to have the child they have always dreamed of. Many of them do not think about communicating their other important medical wishes and putting in place advance care plans.”

We’re excited to be partnering with Mindy and hope that her clients find MyDirectives helps simplify this part of the process of entering parenthood so that new parents are able to avoid these difficult conversations over and over again.

“A good quality care plan that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere is critical for all of us, and especially to my clients who are taking on new responsibilities as new parents,” Mindy told me.

I think Mindy does an amazing job helping people achieve their dream of having a family. But as I know from my having my own kids, with that joy comes the realization that what happens to you no longer affects only you. Expanding a family is a natural time to put a plan in place that helps parents prepare for and have important conversations about the types of medical care they’d want in the future.

In our conversation, Mindy made a specific mention of how her LGBT clients might benefit from our partnership, explaining: “Twenty-first century innovations have given many in the LGBT community the chance to have children and a family. Unfortunately, many extended family members don’t always respect the wishes of the LGBT community; in fact, I see healthcare agents often separate from a family member to avoid just that risk.”

At MyDirectives, we’re always encouraged by healthcare providers like Lotus Blossom Consulting who recognize that anytime is a good time to establish an advance care plan. So many major life events – going to college, getting married, having a child and retiring – are perfect times for people to have conversations with their loved ones about their medical wishes, which is why we’ve created guides to help you through the creation of a single, user-friendly document that supports this conversation and ensures your wishes are known anytime around the world.


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