Apr 26 2013

Accessible with a Card

This video of AT&T ads from 1993 has popped up in my Facebook newsfeed a couple times now – and wow!

Sure there aren’t any phone booths anymore and we seldom fax anything, but did you catch the tablet on the beach and the video chatting? Did you notice the bit about having your medical history on a card in your wallet for the doctor to scan?

Think about if that card could provide a doctor with access to not only your medical history, but also your medical future.

Recently, a friend of mine, Nickolette, was rushed to the ER unexpectedly.  She had no idea who the doctor was and he knew nothing about her. The doctor asked her if she had a living will.  She handed the doctor our wallet card and said “Actually, I have something better – a digital directive and here is the website.”

Part of the reason I partnered with Scott to create MyDirectives was because we saw what not having a plan for emergency medical care did to our families. Just as important as having an advance care plan is finding it when you need it.   That is why we created a wallet card with a QR code that medical providers can scan and pull up your plan anytime, anywhere.  The peace of mind that gives you – as I’m sure Nickolette can attest – is priceless.

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