Mar 1 2013

Petitioning Hallmark

Go Regina Go!

Patient advocate and widow Regina Holliday believes Hallmark, the largest greeting card manufacturer in the United States, can help lift the spirits of patients and their loved ones by adding a line of hospice cards.

“Sometimes, the ‘Get Well Soon’ cards are just not enough,” said Regina.  “Millions of consumers are stuck in that ‘awkward silence’ moment between not knowing what to say and wishing they could express their concern and support for their friends and loved ones.”

At MyDirectives, we applaud Regina’s creativity and desire to help empower consumers to have an effective voice.  We agree that Hallmark, and any greeting card manufacturer, can demonstrate its leadership and creativity by helping our voices at a time when we might not know what to say.  It is the core of what we do – help you express yourself and make your thoughts available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Dr. Joanne Lynn is famous for saying “we need to give people the words so they can say what they feel.”  Thanks to Regina’s hard work Hallmark has begun listening, although they’re not there yet. We congratulate Regina on her work to get Hallmark to use its leadership position to help people.

What do you think about hospice cards? What message would you like to receive if you or a loved one were in hospice care? Check out the petition and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Image Courtesy Regina Holliday


Hallmark Hospice Regina Holliday

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Oct 22 2013


  1. Eileen posted at Mar 1 2013 10:02 PM
    Hospice Cards definitely have a place in the life cycle addressed with cards. Why Hallmark or American Greetings? Where is pubic support for the entrepreneur without financial backing but with a message?
  2. Denise posted at Mar 1 2013 10:56 PM
    I agree we need them. I am a hospice volunteer and would love to have them to send the families of hospice patients. I also would have been so appreciative of getting one while my mom was on hospice 5 years ago!

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