Mar 12 2013

Harlem Shake – Debt – Health Care – Seatbelts and You!

When Dave Walker and Alice Rivlin speak, most people say “brilliant.”  Their latest message is equally brilliant but takes a VERY different form – a viral Harlem Shake video.  The message is clear: we need to do something different if we’re going to solve the national debt problem.  Their video is designed to engage young people – our future – and encourage them to put pressure on their parents and grandparents to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We congratulate Dave and Alice for being bold.  The Surgeon General did it with smoking warnings in the 60’s.  No seatbelt law was as effective as when the children of the 70s told their parents to “buckle up!”

As Dave and Alice point out, the kids can do it again.  Tell the adults in your world to act responsibly and tackle the real issues that need to be solved to make America financially strong!

At MyDirectives, we agree that each generation has a role to play in changing behavior and making a difference.  We’ve seen too many elderly and frail people get scared that health reform means taking their healthcare away.  We see too many young people get that glazed look, think they're invincible and that nothing will ever happen to them.  The truth is, we can all benefit from having a basic advance care plan, one that expresses our wishes, tells people who to contact, who’s authorized to make decisions if we can’t and gives an emergency room doctor some insight into who we are.  Most importantly, the plan needs to be accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world.  It's a 21st century solution that you - consumers - asked for.

Thank you Alice and Dave for your 21st century message.  Together we can make a huge difference!

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