Dec 18 2013

Doctor and Former Senator Endorses MyDirectives

Today, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist took to The Hill, a newspaper widely read by Washington policymakers, to share a strong endorsement of MyDirectives.

Speaking as both a former legislator and a transplant surgeon, Senator Frist challenges readers to use the holidays as an occasion to discuss medical wishes and priorities with family and friends. As he writes today:

Make your voice heard. Don’t wait for an accident or illness to strike — there’s too much else to focus on, and your decisions need to be clear…, for instance, offers free digital advance medical directive[s] … online with instructions on completion and how to introduce the subject with family. The service helps ensure doctors can find your directive online during a crisis.

We thank Senator Frist for focusing attention on an issue that’s central to why we founded MyDirectives: Making your health care wishes clear – and always accessible digitally and online – should be an easy process that encourages conversation among loved ones. It’s about taking control. Again, in Senator Frist’s words:

These days, we’re hearing many voices in support of — or in opposition to — various parts of the healthcare law. But when it comes to one of the most important healthcare decisions you will ever make, the voice we really need to hear is yours.

While gathering around the table this holiday season, let’s follow Senator Frist’s example and take a few minutes to talk with our own families about our medical wishes. Doctor’s orders.


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