Nov 4 2013

The Water Coolers Are Boiling

Some people are annoyed with the problems, while others suggest political obstacles have made the situation unnecessarily worse. Some people with individual health plans are screaming about getting cancellation notices, while citizens with employer plans are upset with price increases or benefit reductions.

Whatever your perspective on healthcare these days, make sure your voice is heard:

  1. Name the people you want to make decisions in case you can’t communicate during a crisis – your healthcare agents – and make sure your future doctors and nurses can find them if necessary. In many states, if you don’t name someone, that authority can default to family members -- and certain family members might not honor your wishes.
  2. Think about the things that you think could help you recover faster – your favorite music, photos of loved ones, the right TV show playing.
  3. Leave clear instructions.

Don’t wait for a government website or a new election. Don’t add it to the list of things to ask (and pay for) an attorney to draft. Create your advance medical directive right now – for free – and go back to the water cooler and tell your colleagues to follow suit.


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