Nov 21 2013

Art imitates life: Grey’s Anatomy makes the case for MyDirectives

The clichés are numerous: “the architect’s house is always crooked,” “the mechanic’s car is leaking,” “the cobbler’s children are often barefoot.”

A recent Grey’s Anatomy episode gave us another: “Doctors create their own directives in a vacuum.”

This clip demonstrates how having an advance medical directive is only part of the story; we also have a responsibility to talk and listen to our loved ones. We have to be clear about our medical wishes -- ideally digitally, so you don’t have to find the filing cabinet during a crisis!) and make sure our designated agents understand them and are willing to honor them.

How? First, create your directive. Second, discuss your preferences with your healthcare agents so they feel confident, not confused. Third, make sure your directive is accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world, so you have assurances your voice can be heard even if you can’t communicate. When you use MyDirectives, the people you designate are notified automatically, and we have great tools to help encourage your conversation.

Nobody should be in the position either Dr. Richard Webber or Dr. Meredith Grey end up in.


Grey's Anatomy

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