Oct 1 2013

It Has Always Been About YOU!

Depending on whom you ask, today could be the most "exciting," "dangerous," or maybe just the most "over-blown non-event" day in the history of U.S. healthcare.  

While many people are facing new rules, choices and decisions, one thing is very clear: Your voice is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, critical to you getting the healthcare you want. But what happens when you can't communicate? Imagine you are in a car accident while traveling to work and the ambulance takes you to the nearest hospital. What's the chance any doctor or nurse can say, "Oh, that's Susan… I know exactly whom she has asked to make decisions for her when she can't communicate and, in fact, I know exactly how she'd like us to treat her"?  

How likely are doctors to know you'd prefer your rational sister make decisions for you as opposed to your emotional husband? How would they even know the phone number at which to reach her? Not likely, you can bet on it. Precious minutes, hours, days, and sometimes weeks are lost scrambling for that critical information. Nobody wins.

Now imagine you're the doctor or nurse and you're seeing new patients come in all day and night. You don't know anything about them, and you don't know whom to ask or trust for insight. You provide treatments for them that you might not choose for yourself or your loved ones. At some point, you say to yourself, "Am I really enjoying my job?"

Do we want doctors and nurses treating us if they're not satisfied with their work?

Now multiply that out across all the hospitals in America and, in fact, the world.

What's the point?

The point is, you do have a voice and your thoughts do matter to doctors and nurses -- they just need you to document your wishes and keep that document updated so it remains current and relevant, and they need to know they can find and trust that document 24/7, anywhere in the world.

That's where MyDirectives comes in. Through an advance medical directive, we give you the opportunity to share your voice and your thoughts. The decisions you have so carefully laid out for yourself are always available.

So, today, as the "big picture" of healthcare changes, take a moment to do something simple and decisive to change the future of healthcare for yourself and your loved ones. Create your emergency/advance care plan -- for free -- and do your part to improve healthcare. Your healthcare.

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