Jan 30 2013

The Twist in the Plan

Does life imitate art or the other way around?  In this week's Bones episode on Fox TV, Brennan, Booth and the gang are involved in a case with a terminal cancer patient who took charge of her own life. It causes Bones and Booth to talk about their own lives –before they even become a patient. Watch this video message that Booth decides to make.

At MyDirectives, we encourage people to post video messages in our free service - messages to their family, friends and especially to their future doctors who most probably won't know much about them in the event of an emergency.  Your video, your thoughts, your voice, your life!

It's a 21st century solution for real, and now we see, TV people too!  Check out our discussion guide and join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Bones Fox MyDirectives Television Video Message

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