Jul 11 2012

Why Create an Advance Medical Directive Website?

“Why did you decide to create”

Scott Brown and Jeff Zucker, co-founders of the initiative that provides users with the ability to create and advance medical directive at no cost, get asked that question a lot.

And in both cases, the answers are pretty personal.  Why Create an Advance Medical Directive Website?Scott was driven to create after his family struggled to discuss -- and agree on --  the care they thought his ailing grandmother would want after she could no longer communicate clearly. The result? His grandmother spent years shuttling between a nursing home and hospital, which resulted in lots of stress, tension and guilt for the entire family.

For Jeff, the decision to partner with Scott on was motivated by his experience watching a close relative struggle with the unexpected death of her young fiancé. Because the couple was not yet married, Jeff’s relative had no authority to ensure her fiancé’s wishes were followed, and those important decisions were left to an estranged sister. It’s a painful experience for Jeff and his entire family who struggle with ongoing guilt.

The death of a loved one is always a difficult and painful experience. But the pain that can result from a lack of planning and the difficulty with communication over these tough subjects -- can be reduced. Scott and Jeff decided to create in order to do just that.


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