Dec 11 2012

The Taxi

Imagine flagging down a taxi in the middle of New York City, getting in, and suddenly losing the ability to speak, sign or point to a map. How would the driver know where to take you? Would he try to contact one of your friends or family members to receive directions? Would he just drive according to his best guess of where you wanted to go?

Medical patients who suffer tragic accidents or individuals near the end of life who have not established advance directives are riding in that taxi.

The future always brings uncertainty, and it is difficult to predict what accidents, ailments or illnesses will affect us or our loved ones throughout the course of our lifetime. Some things are simply outside our control.

That is why it is so important to take control of our health care and declare in advance how we would like to be treated by a doctor if we do find ourselves in a medical emergency; especially when we’re healthy.

Otherwise, we are allowing the possibility of ending up in that taxi without any way of telling the driver where to take us.

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