Nov 21 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us here at MyDirectives wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving!

We also want to share with you a different kind of Thanksgiving family tradition that
we learned about from a doctor in New York – a tradition that fits between the football and the food. When the dishes have been cleared away, the adults sit down to talk about “personal beliefs, values and expectations.” They talk about their advance care plans.

Here’s what Dr. Patricia Bombe wrote about the tradition back in 2009:

“Years ago my family started this tradition on Thanksgiving because it’s an American holiday that just about everyone celebrates, attracting family members from far and wide. While at first you might think it’s morbid to discuss such issues at a family gathering, we’ve found it brings us closer. We have candid discussions about what our wishes are for end-of-life care. We each gain peace of mind, knowing our own wishes will be honored; we know exactly how our loved ones want to be treated if they can’t speak for themselves. It’s yet another reason to give thanks.”

What do you think about the Bombe family Thanksgiving tradition? Have you talked with your loved ones yet about your advance care plan? If so, how did it go? If not, why not try it this Thanksgiving? Here are some tips about how to start the conversation. Share your story in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Keep in mind, with all that stuffing, yams with marshmallows, and pie, you might need that advance directive sooner than you think – you know, in case you find yourself in a food coma in front of the Cowboys-Redskins game.


Advance Care Planning Thanksgiving

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