Nov 6 2012

Election Day.

It’s the end.

Well, the end of the non-stop robocalls and television ads, anyway.

As you head to the polls today, we’re sure like those of us here at MyDirectives, you are considering a great many issues as you decide for whom to cast your vote in local, state and federal elections. We hope that as you consider the issues most important to you, you will also think about which candidates you feel are committed to policies that best preserve your voice in your healthcare decisions.

No matter who wins tonight, we believe that you should always have a voice and be an empowered decision maker in your care – even if you can’t speak for yourself. That’s why we started the I Decide Pledge.

Declare today that no matter who wins tonight, you will take an active role in your own care – that YOU decide by starting the conversation with your loved ones and creating an advance medical directive.

After you sign the I Decide Pledge, share it with your friends and family. Also, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.  

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