Oct 5 2012

More Serious Talk on TV

A few weeks ago we recapped some of our favorite shows talking about advance medical directives and living wills from last television season. We’re only a couple weeks into the new season and already two shows have broached the “what happens if…” conversation.

This week on Private Practice, the sudden death of one of the characters prompted conversation among the rest of the doctors about what they would want and who would take care of their children. See how the conversation started:

And last week, on the premiere of Gray’s Anatomy, the doctors had to deal with the aftermath of a plane crash that at the end of last season killed one of their own and left another in a coma. The episode picked up a month after the accident as they had to carry out the directive of their close friend. Watch how they handled it here:

Have you caught any other shows we should be watching? And what about in real life – have you talked to your family and friends about your wishes? How’d the conversation go? If you haven’t yet, what’s keeping you from talking?  Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.


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