Oct 18 2012


Yesterday we launched the I Decide pledge – empowering you to protect your voice in a medical crisis, even when you can’t communicate.  Already more than 5,000 of you from around the world have signed the pledge.

Here’s what some of you had to say about why signing the I Decide pledge is important to you:

Why doesn’t my health insurance company help ME by making me get one of these? Maybe they make more money if I don’t have one?

-        Mark D. from Boston

Because it’s important that one’s wishes with regard to medical care are carried out if one can’t speak for themselves and/or a representative for the patient can’t be reached. It happened to me!

-        Jo Alice B. from Dallas

Pour moi, pour ma famille, pour mon pays.
(For me, for my family, for my country.)

-        Olivier C. from France

Sign the pledge today and tell us why you did by joining the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Already signed? Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family about the pledge and by joining our gaggle.


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