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Emergencies can happen at any time, leaving you too injured or ill to communicate decisions about your medical treatment. MyDirectives helps you create your own advance care plan for your family and doctors so they can make decisions on your behalf.

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Easy to Create

MyDirectives makes it easy to create a state-of-the-art advance care plan.  You can answer questions in your own words or pick from a selection of the most common answers. Add your thoughts with as much detail as you wish. You can even add your own video responses.

Easy to Share

You can share your emergency care plan with anyone at any time.  Hospitals that link to MyDirectives can access your care plan when you are admitted.

Easy to Update

Want to change an answer or consider another option? With MyDirectives, you are always in control and confident that doctors can only access your most recently signed version.

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What People Are Saying

Interactive and online repositories are the future direction of advance care plans, and this service handles the issues well…

Dr. Joanne Lynn, author of The Handbook for Mortals